Amulya Malladi is the author of seven novels, including A House for Happy Mothers, The Sound of Language, and The Mango Season. Her books have been translated into several languages, including Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Romanian, Serbian, and Tamil. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in journalism. When she’s not writing, she works as a marketing executive. After several years in Copenhagen, she now lives outside Los Angeles with her husband and two children.


You can reach me by email at author@amulyamalladi.com; or connect with me on my Facebook page.


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  1. Ana Quinonez says:

    Hi! Today I finished reading Serving Crazy with Curry. I loved it. I liked the characters and the family dynamics were very real. I like that it took place in the bay area- somewhere that I’m familiar with! I’m glad Devi lived- she’s my favorite character. I’m glad she is getting stronger and doing things she truly wants to do. I hope she does go to Oxford!

    Your book reminded me of Like Water for Chocolate. Tita shared her emotions through food when she was unable to express herself because of her mother in LWFC. Devi expressed herself through food while in silence and solving her issues. I’m so happy I picked up your book. I had seen it so many times and figured it was time. I will probably read The Mange Season too. Thank you for writing awesome stuff.

    I just started reading your blog. You are such an interesting individual. I can’t believe you do so much AND write! I plan to write too. I will have to get started now instead of always pushing it for the next day.

    Thank you,

    Ana Q
    Sacramento, CA

  2. Amina says:

    I’ve read all your books except “The Breath of Fresh Air”; the latest one I read was “Sound of Language” which I thoroughly enjoyed (myself having a refugee background). My mom is also reading it and loving it — a big plus since English is not her first language either. I ran across this (I know it’s outdated) and was appalled as I’m sure you will be too. It reminded me of Sound of Language and its characters: http://action.afa.net/blogs/blogpost.aspx?id=2147493343
    Best wishes,

  3. MAllik says:

    Hi Amulya, Just stumbled upon your work at Secunderabad Club, and really enjoyed reading “Song of a Cuckoo Bird”. Looking forward to read the rest of your book. Loved the description, the characters and pretty much everything about the book!

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi, I could not put down The Mango Season! I finished it (late) last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, thank-you so much. I loved all the characters and I felt like I was there with them. I am a big fan of Jhumpa Lahiri, Amy Tan and Laura Esquivel and thankfully found your book though Amazon recommendations….I have just ordered Serving Crazy with Curry so I am now also a fan of Amulya Malladi! With many best wishes, Michelle, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK

  5. Thanks so much, Michelle. I hope you’ll enjoy the other books just as much.

    All best,

  6. Nid says:

    Hello, I finished “The Mango Season” this past weekend. What attracted me to this book was that the story line was so close to my own life. I, too, am from a brahmin family and came to US at the age of 20. I only had one relative here that I stayed with for a short while. I missed my home for the first year. Inspite of ironic and contradicting ideologies that I got to live with for the first year and friendships that were forced upon me as “Indians” understand each others and “Firangis” won’t, I fell in love with a firangi. My visit back home (after 4 years of being here) was nerve racking and full of constant matrimony conversations. But I could relate to your description of how Priya felt while visiting India after 7 years. I think having the guilt of the “bomb” I was about to drop on my family added to the heat and stress. Eventually the “Foreigner” & I got married. You can imagine how the news was taken by family at home. After being disowned for quite some time, and long phone calls with cursing & crying, they have accepted us (kind of). We have been together for 20 years and married for 12. We have 2 beautiful daughter. I talk to my parents whenever I can but it’s not the same. I still miss some things from India, and I will always be a religious Indian who follows most of the values that I was raised with. But having made my life here and being ecstatic with whom I am spending it with, has its own rewards esp. when I look at my kids. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for writing The Mango Season and making me feel “not so alone” in this adventure. Wonder if there’s a club for women like Priya and I? 😉 Looking forward to reading your other books

  7. Sonal K says:

    Read your book ‘Serving Crazy with Curry’. Do check out my review at-

    we would love to publish an interview with you. Do let us know if you’re interested at desideewar@gmail.com

  8. Tonya says:

    Hi Amulya. I stumbled on your site while half-jokingly (well, maybe not) Googling fellow writers whose husbands won’t stop talking while they’re trying to write their novels! Oh my goodness… he won’t and I’d been on a roll! Anyway, I found you and I’m glad to know it’s still possible to finish with such loving interruptions. I love your insight into writing, parenting and life. Thanks for sharing. I’m also looking forward to reading A Breath of Fresh Air soon.

  9. Chris Webster says:

    I stumbled on The Mango Season by pure chance(It was left in the seat of an aeroplane) Been a Male chauvinist I thought what a woman`s book this would be But bored I started to read WOW !!! this was brilliant I loved all the characters the father who got drunk the mother who couldn’t believe her daughter marrying out her race and on and on Amulya Malladi I am now a true Fan and have recommended this book to many and many have told me how much they loved it Keep up the great work Oh and the Ending well BRILLIANT that last line I forgot *********** People will have to read the book Regards Chris W England

  10. Suravi says:

    Serving Crazy with Curry is the book I turn to anytime I’m in a low mood. I re-read my favorite parts and it never fails to lift my spirits. Thank you.
    ~Suravi from Urbana, IL

  11. Thanks so much, Suravi. Your kind words are much, much appreciated.

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