Happy New Year!


Every year I like to look back and see what the highlights were. It helps me to see what was important and what was not.

Many things happened this year but as I made the infographic below I realized that my top 3 experiences – things I will remember for the rest of my life – I experienced with my family. The highlights of the year: I sold a book after a long while (this saved my life in so many ways) – and my new and persistent love of painting. I really thought it’ll pass but I think painting might be here to stay.

I also had some victories with regards to my marketing career – but somehow they didn’t show up in the highlights. I’m not sitting on the cusp of 2016, thinking, oh yes, doing that strategy work made my 2015. So once again – as much of a cliche as it might be – it’s family, good food, creative endeavors and, of course, good wine that made my 2015 a really, really good year. There was some shitty stuff as well but it all balanced out and I feel like I came ahead on the good.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and satisfying 2016.