Muslim bashing is back in fashion in Denmark

Since Danske Folkeparti (the Danish People Party, which my husband fondly calls the Nazi Party) was silenced after the last elections it has been absolutely fantastic to not constantly get into a discussion in the media about immigrants in Denmark. Because when Danske Folkeparti and the much-hated by immigrants and many others, Pia Kjærsgaard was in power – the anti-immigrant (read Muslim) propaganda was in full swing in Denmark.

Pia has been open about her “fear” and “hatred” for Muslims and Islam.

“We must not find ourselves in Arab families who raise their children according to their own medieval principles of hate and chasing Jews and other ethnic minorities, writes Kjaersgaard, among other things.” (Facebook status; quoted from, 01/29/2013)

But then Pia stepped down as leader of the party and I felt that Denmark was a fine country to live in now that the immigrants are bad for Danish society rhetoric/propaganda was gone. (When I first moved to Denmark I actually read an article in a national daily with the headline – Immigrants have more sick days than Danes because they have exotic diseases.)

But yesterday my husband got up in arms about Inger Støjberg – and after learning more, I wonder if she could be the new Pia? She sounds just as wonderfully open about her “fear” and “hatred” towards Muslims and Islam.

Støjberg is the spokesperson for the Venstre political party in Denmark and has come out with a plan (not fully fledged but she has the basics in place). She suggests that her party join the Nazi party and jointly go to the polls with the objective of cutting Muslim immigration into Denmark to zero. She believes and her friends in her party and Danske Folkeparti believe that cutting Muslim immigration into Denmark down to zero is the most effective way of ensuring that the Danish way of life is not altered.

So the question to ask is – what the fuck is the Danish way of life? Fear and hatred of an entire people based on their religion? Or maybe let’s get rid of all immigration to Denmark and only have Danes who can trace their genealogy down to a couple of centuries as Danish live in Denmark? (This might be a problem because the Danish borders have been a bit fuzzy until World War II with the German border.) (And also if Danes don’t want any immigration then we shouldn’t allow Danes to live anywhere but Denmark and do business with no one but Danes – this might hurt the Danish economy a bit where most of the “big” companies get nearly 90 plus per cent of their revenue from outside the country.)

I’m so damned tired of this political wrangling by some Danish politicians. Every time they don’t want to talk about the economy or other “real” and immediate issues they go on about immigration and let’s kick the Muslims out.

Can I stay? I’m a Danish citizen but I’m Hindu? So does that make it okay? But I come from a country of 150 million Muslims, what if that religion rubbed off on me while I was growing up? And what of my children? Are they Danish and are they allowed to stay? And what about my husband? He married a non-Dane? Shouldn’t he be punished for such un-Danish behavior? Is it un-Danish to marry a foreigner? And is it worse if the foreigner is also Muslim?

So Støjberg has succeeded in starting the immigrant conversation once again so we don’t have to talk economy or jobs or the education system. All schools in Denmark were closed for six weeks due to a government lockdown of schools – but let’s not discuss that whole thing because it’s so much more interesting to talk about hating the immigrants and especially the Muslims.

And you wanna bet Venstre ran polls to see if they could get a few votes by getting on the Muslim-bashing wagon? Is this really the Danish way of life?

A long while ago I met with some Danish high school students who had read my book The Mango Season and we were discussing cultural differences. One of the girls in class said, “But they expect us to cover our hair when we’re in Saudi Arabia – then why can’t we ask them to un-cover their hair here?”

I asked her if maybe Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be the “inspiration” for cultural tolerance in Denmark and if Danes really aspired to have the same cultural tolerance as Saudi Arabia.

But Saudi Arabia’s brutal regime has really nothing to do with Islam – there are other fucked up governments out there that have nothing to do with religion. Remember Romania under Ceaușescu where women were forced to give birth to children and hoards of other atrocities were committed? No Muslims there, right? Wonder how that happened then.

Some articles to check out; and please do read the comments under the first article. I’m sufficiently scared…and not of the Muslims.

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